Tele2 are looking for trainees who can help them remain the challengers they always have been. The programme is not for just anyone. To succeed, you need to think fast and move fast. Meet one of the 2015/2016 trainees, Hugo Åkerman.

Interests: Kitesurfing, Hunting, Fishing, Sailing, Skiing, Gaming, Dancing, Diving
Fun experience: Working for Millicom in Paraguay during one summer
Food: Indian & Mexican

Typically in my bag:
– Trainers, headphones, book: Zanzibar Chest, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Fishing equipment, Wakeboard, Tuna, Snorkel, Concert tickets

Why did you apply for a position at Tele2?
– I discovered how fascinating the Telecom Industry is while working as a consultant. Once I had that figured out, Tele2 was the natural choice to me with its strong culture and long history of trainees. Many former trainees are now in top positions within the company and it’s a well-structured program with tangible goals.

What did you do before?
– Most recently I was working as a consultant and prior to that with startups. I first came across the distinctive Kinnevik culture during a summer internship for Millicom in Paraguay. After that, I knew that I would like to work in a Kinnevik company at some point in time.

Describe a typical day at Tele2
– The days at Tele2 are very different. Two things, however, remain constant; participating in interesting meetings and working with great people.

What challenges are you facing in your day-to-day job?
– The very limited possibility to plan my own time and work. As a trainee you are a support function, which means that you have to be very flexible.

How would you say that the contents of your bag reflect you?
– I have many interests and like to engage in fun activities.


Out of the items in your bag, which one do you cherish the most and why?
– None in particular – I tend to cherish memories more than objects.

If you had to throw away one item in your bag, which one would it be?
– I guess it would have to be the book, as I’ve just finished it.

What was the biggest surprise when you started at Tele2?
– The complete access and insight you are given on how a multi-billion dollar company makes its decisions. Also, the way you gradually learn how top management thinks, what their stress points are and how to alleviate them.

What is your best career advice for students who are about to start their careers?
– When applying for a position, be humble and show genuine interest in the person sitting opposite you. Make sure you are well informed about the company you are getting involved with. Know their strategy, financials, challenges and opportunities – by heart. It’s a worthwhile investment of your time.

In one word, what is your biggest strength?
– Positivity

What is your favourite website or app?
– S Health – for the first time ever I’m motivated to use the stairs instead of the elevator as it has real-time step monitoring.

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